Dish Washing Machine Model:C100


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1.Fair adjustment washing speed, convent and flexible, and efficient.
2.Transfer direction fairly adjustable, convenient.
3.Simple electromechanical control selection and operation.
4.Portable plug hanging cover, quick and easy disassembly, easy to clean.
Capacity:2600pcs/h  130Rack/h  
Main Wash Tank Capacity:91L  
Rinse Capacity:24L  
Tank Temp.:50~70°C
Temp. Boiler:75~95°C 
Water Pressure:1.4Bar  
Electric Power:380V/3L/N/PE/50Hz  
Heater Tank:100W  Heat Boiler:27kw
Heater Rinse Tank:9kw  
Motor Conveyor:0.75kw
Motor Pump:1.5kw
Total Electrical Power:36kw
Size Of Breaker:54.7A
Height When Open Machine:2100mm
Door Entry Height:400mm
Net Weight:233kg


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