Dish Washing Machine Model:C180

Dish Washing Machine Model:C180


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1. More efficient cleaning results and energy saving because of pre-wash and second rinse design.
2. Built booster heater, rinsing pump delivers constant water pressure and water temperature.
3. Easy and efficient stainless steel convey with auto-protected stop equipment, operation way could be chosen(from left to right or opposite direction).
Capacity:3700pcs/h 185Rack/h
Main Wash Tank Capacity:91L
Rinse Capacity:24L
Tank Temp.:50~70°C
Temp. Boiler:75~95°C
Rinse Consumption:17L
Water Pressure:1.4Bar
Electric Power:380V/3L/PE/50Hz
Heater Tank:200W
Heat Boiler:27kw
Heater Rinse Tank:9kw
Motor Conveyor:750kw
Motor Pump:1.5kw
Total Electrical Power:37.5kw
Size Of Breaker:57A
Height When Open Machine:2100mm
Door Entry Height:400mm
Net Weight:318kg

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