EWR Combi Steamer Model:EWR-6-11-H


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●  20-tray Combi oven of the computer version
●  Only the first self-developed domestic selected from all the major components 
    of international brands
●  Stainless steel structure

1.Stainless steel manufacturing
2. Circular-structured bore, don't hide waste and easy to clean
3.High efficient electric heating tube with high heating speed
4.Four common modes and easy to switch
5. Probing needle mode, which is able to probe into and control the inner temperature of the food, it's able to store 100 common menus, which are easy to be invoked and edited at any time
6. Moisture-exhausting function to ensure the grilling effect.
7.Advanced door-opening method to prevent the wounding from a sudden gush of steam with automatic cleaning function and convenient to clean
8.Allocated with boiler: strong steam generating, easy Chinese cooking
9.Allocated with water softener, pure water, prevent scales, extend equipment life

Chamber Size:438x646x558mm
Each Height:70mm
Net Weight:152kg

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